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Upbitfxpro Brokers isn't a market maker and never trades against its clients. All trades are either passed on directly to the reference market (foreign exchange, equity CFDs), or they are hedged simultaneously and completely (indices, commodities, bonds). We are a true DMA/STP broker offering no conflict of interest whatsoever to our clients.

  • How Safe Is My Money With Upbitfxpro Brokers?
    The security of your investment is our highest priority at Upbitfxpro. All clients' funds are kept separately from any company capital and deposited with German and British banks. Clients' funds are kept in Wirecard Bank Germany, Barclays UK and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. In the unlikely event of Upbitfxpro declaring bankruptcy, no clients’ funds would be affected. In addition, Upbitfxpro Group Ltd is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund.
  • Does Upbitfxpro Brokers Offer Different Accounts For Different Investment Volumes?
    No. There is only one market and only one spread. Each trader is given the same market access with Upbitfxpro Brokers. We believe that this is the most transparent option and that each trader deserves to get the best market access. Traders trading high volumes are able to get rebates on the commission payable. Rebates can be granted based on a proven volume traded. Please send an email regarding this to
  • Is There Any Commission Due When Trading Via Upbitfxpro Brokers And, If So, How Much Is It?
    Yes, commission is charged when trading via Upbitfxpro Brokers.We are completely transparent and do not hide any costs in the spread. You can see from our rates what spreads the market offers at the time (FX, stocks) or the spread we need for hedging ourselves in a particular reference market (CFDs on indices, commodities, bonds). If you execute a trade, we charge commission but we do not gain from your trade via the spread. We believe this approach is transparent and fair.